Leapin' Lily

Have you ever felt...

as if you were born into the wrong family

Leapin' Lily

Welcome to Kaleido! It's a planet, like Earth,

Planet Kaleido

with one big difference.

On the planet of Kaleido, emotions change the color of your skin...

except for Lily Anne Landin.

Lily doesn't change color.

She wants to know why.

Join her in her discovery as she leaps into new adventures!

along the way you'll meet Lily's Family and Friends

  • family
  • Kaleido Friends
    Kaleido Friends

Check out the Comic below, to get a glimpse of Lily's life!

eVenture Book

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like you were born into the wrong family?
like a stranger in your own home?
destined for something great?
like ironing your socks?
like you belong in another world?